starry nights and toasted marshmallows

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

"And a softness came from the starlight and filled me full to the bone."
W.B. Yeats

Easter is one of those holiday periods that triggers fond memories of my own childhood and I love seeing the sparkle in my children's eyes as their own Easter experiences are lived, their own memories made. With two young kids aged two and almost six, it's exciting to have the opportunity to create our own family traditions and foster the next generation of Easter escapades. Family, friends, simplicity and adventures - at home or away - all feature as key emerging themes.

This year all of the above themes were central to the four day weekend, which included our first family Easter getaway - a somewhat impromptu trip to a friend's shack on the river Murray, an hour from Adelaide. A late decision to stay for a few nights rather than doing a day-trip made for a stressful but anticipatory city exit as we scrambled to pack, off-load the dog and join in the anarchy otherwise known as pre-public holiday food shopping.