nature // street vision

Monday, 3 March 2014

"Nature in our urban landscape and homes is critical for connecting half the world's people with the natural environment. The experience and contact the majority of the world has with nature is more likely to occur in the city or home rather than a rural setting. The more urban our lifestyle, the bigger the need for a connection with nature" 
                                                                                 Amanda Talbot, author of rethink:the way you live

Today's nature // street vision is for roof top gardening to be the norm in modern urban living. Let's foster the creation of urban jungles in all shapes and form!   




sources (l-r, top to bottom): unknown (via Pinterest), The Permaculture Research Institute
Spitsoskylo, A Paper Aeroplane,  LD5JaminPaul, unknown (via Pinterest), Nubby Twiglet


  1. amazing pictures :)

    Catherine Vargas
    Vintage Girls