Rethinking the reli-bash agenda

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Alright, confession time: for the past three years my parents have lived next to an expansive recreation park aaaand... I only stepped foot in there a few months ago. 

hang. head. shame. 

The too-hard basket is overflowing with potential reasons slash excuses: a[nother] sick pregnancy, an unwell infant, the mombie haze, and a tendency for our reli-bashes* to occur within a ten metre radius of the dining room table. Hmm. It still doesn't quite add up, but oh well - this one will just have to be put down to a case of c'est la vie.

The good news is visits to Grandma and Pops' place have taken on an extra dimension since realising the park lies before us. Walks now feature as a key agenda item: the gumboots are gleefully put on, spare clothes packed, the dog runs in wild circles of anticipation, and off we venture. We descend down a dirt track and then find ourselves able to select from numerous walking trails, any of which will have us follow and traverse small creeklines lined with towering River Red Gums and South Australian Blue Gums. 

Sections of understorey are engulfed  with weeds and yet looking at the area through my children's eyes the place is another prized natural wonderland featuring creeks to explore, rocks to throw, sticks to wield, and bridges to balance upon. Since starting our walks we've watched dry creek beds fill and frost cover the ground. Koalas are common, frogs now croak, and a multitude of birds call out from the treetops. 

As we reach the final crest on the walk home flushed faces, big grins, muddy boots and soggy socks always provide testament to hours well spentThe park discovery may be belated but there's no doubt we're all enjoying making up for lost time - consider it a standing item on the revised reli-bash agenda.  

*reli-bash = a party with the 'relos' / relatives; a family gathering


  1. Oh my God, that is amazing!!! I find it incredible as to the things I see now that I have a (2.5 year old) child in my life. To see things through a child's eyes ... PRECIOUS!

    1. Thanks Brig! It is quite something isn't it - I'm consistently finding I view natural areas differently with my children, it's a very refreshing viewpoint :)